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Name:Fans of Takin' Over the Asylum
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For discussion of and fanworks for Takin' Over the Asylum.
Please note that there is no direct affiliation between this community and the one of the same name on LiveJournal. (I'm not sure [ profile] cazthehobbit is even around anymore, since they last updated their own journal in 2014.) It just seemed like a good and appropriate name to use for a community with this focus.

Greetings, loonies and loonettes and others! This is your mod [personal profile] shyfoxling the bane of your life. If you need to contact me in modly capacity, you can send me a PM or email me at the address shown above.

Takin' Over the Asylum is a 1994 BBC Scotland six-part television drama written by Donna Franceschild, which she later adapted for the stage in 2013. It centers around four patients at St. Jude's mental hospital in Glasgow -- manic depressive Campbell Bain (David Tennant), obsessive-compulsive Rosalie Garrety (Ruth McCabe), traumatized depressive Francine Boyle (Katy Murphy), and schizophrenic Fergus MacKinnon (Angus MacFadyen) -- who are joined by struggling window salesman and part-time radio DJ Eddie McKenna (Ken Stott) when the new administrator of St. Jude's decides to try to revive the hospital's radio station.

So far the series is only available on DVD in the UK (thus, PAL format and Region 2); you can pick it up for a few pounds on and probably at other retailers. I won't link directly to bootleg videos, but they can be found on YouTube and DailyMotion. You may also have luck finding a livestream or group watch through something like [ profile] dwgroupwatch (which features all kinds of things that Doctor Who characters have been in, in this case David Tennant) or by tracking the Takin' Over the Asylum tag on Tumblr.

I am not aware of any publicly available recording of the 2013 Citizens Theatre/Royal Lyceum Theatre co-production of the stage play, featuring Brian Vernel of The Casual Vacancy TV mini-series and Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Campbell, though short clips can be found in some online reviews. You can purchase a book of the script on Amazon or elsewhere. For the stage, the 6-hour TV series was shortened to approximately 2 hours in length, losing (for example) the subplot about Eddie's grandmother, and updated for the 21st century, featuring broadcasting on Internet radio. There was also a somewhat different choice of songs in the play.

You can post any kind of discussion, meta, or fanworks here, about either the show or the play. Posting rules:

1. When posting fanworks or recs for fanworks, please use a header similar to the following:

Adjust as needed for your format (e.g. you can leave out a word count for art or a vid). Please use a header whether you're posting directly to the community or just linking to your own journal or other site.

2. If you are posting something not worksafe, put it behind a cut. Warn for the NSFW content outside of the cut, and tag the post as NSFW. You are not required to use Dreamwidth's "Age Restriction" flags on such posts, but I encourage it in case anyone wants to avoid such content.

3. Images larger than about 500 pixels, or a post with more than a couple of images in it, and text posts longer than about 500 words should be placed behind a cut. If you're making an icon post with more than 5 icons, please put most of them behind a cut with just a few teasers outside.

4. Please stick to the topic of Takin' Over the Asylum. Posts about the actors in other contexts are off-topic. even if the mod does share your squee about David Tennant

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