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Hello, Fergus by Jem ([ profile] allonsymous) (or here on tumblr)
Pairing/Characters: Campbell; Fergus in the past tense
Rating: Teen
Words: 922

Author's summary: Campbell visits Fergus' grave regularly, but it's been a while since his last visit, and he has a lot to share. (Segue ficlet, bridging "Could This Day Get Any Worse?" with whatever the sequel will be called)
Author's notes: This was prompted by a conversation I had with Franzi86, and is dedicated to her.
Author's warnings: Brief mention of suicidal thoughts and alcoholism.

He stood and turned the collar of his jacket up against the chill, shoving his hands in his pockets as he looked down in sober silence at the plaque, reading the name over and over. Not that he would ever forget it. But it was the nearest thing he had to being able to see his face, the memory of which was fading into an ever thickening haze, more of a sketch of the mind now than a complete painting. He’d been gone some twenty-or-so years now.

Art rec

Oct. 5th, 2017 01:59 pm
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by [ profile] jemsauce - click the thumbnail to go to their post on tumblr (my reblog pending)
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Could This Day Get Any Worse? by Jem ([ profile] allonsymous)
Pairing/Characters: Campbell/Bella (Bella and the Boys)
Rating: Teen [although I think it's very mild - maybe just a couple of swear words. they don't so much as kiss]
Words: 11,644
Tags: Romance, Fluff, Tropes, stuck in an elevator, bad day turned good, Language, Teninch Fic

Author's summary/notes: Bella's day started out pretty well, but it went downhill in a hurry right after lunch. Now she's lost a client, her clothes and hair are a mess, and worst of all, she's late for the most important interview of her life. But the day isn't through with her yet. This is an AU featuring Campbell Bain (David Tennant) from "Takin' Over the Asylum", and Bella (Billie Piper) from "Bella and the Boys". Each of them are older now. Bella is approaching 30, and Campbell is in his late 30s.

The idiot was shuffling through the piles of magazines and records and poking his head in drawers and cupboards that lined the wall. “Got to be in here somewhere...”

Bella glanced at the equipment on the desk, her eyes landing on the headphones, which had a name painted across the band. C. Bain.

Oh god. C. Bain. Bain. Campbell Bain, the radio DJ. I fucking tore the shit out of Campbell Bain the radio DJ...
She stared at the back of him. He was rambling again, something about his sound guy, Greg, and how sometimes he moved his stuff around, and how they'd had a scrap or two over it, especially when he misplaced one of his favorite records. The Beatles. Abbey Road. As he spoke, the tone and quality of his voice finally clicked in her head. She recognized it now.
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Someone nominated Takin' Over the Asylum for Yuletide! (a fest hosted on Archive Of Our Own - see [community profile] yuletide_admin/[community profile] yuletide) I know this is no guarantee there will be fic, but where there's existence in the tagset, there's hope.
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[ profile] dwgroupwatch will be hosting a group watch of Takin' Over the Asylum, one episode per week on Saturdays, 7 PM US Central Time, beginning on August 26th. Details here:
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It looks like maybe we were happy too soon about the prospect of a sequel to Takin' Over the Asylum. In Donna Franceschild's radio interview last month, it sounded like she was talking about fairly recently having been contacted by David Blair who had himself spoken to David Tennant and Ken Stott; like, I supposed within the last month or two prior to the interview and she was just now setting to work. But to go by David Tennant's remarks to a fan who asked him about it at Montreal Comic Con on July 7th-9th, that was a year ago and he hasn't heard anything about it since, so feels at this point it probably won't happen. Really makes me wonder why she bothered to talk about it in that interview in the first place, if it was so long ago and not a current project. On-again-off-again writing, maybe? I wonder how long it took her to write the script for the first series.
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A Hot One by [ profile] uglywettiewrites (or here on tumblr; my reblog)
Pairing/Characters: Campbell/OFC
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3627
Tags: 31 Days of Porn Challenge 2017, 31 Days of Porn Uglywettie Style, Temperature Play, Explicit Sexual Content, Instant Attraction, Oral Sex, Ice Play, Multiple Orgasms, Cunnilingus

Author's summary/notes: [Set about two years after the end of TOtA] Campbell visits home with a big surprise for his parents, and finds one of his own. A very sexy one. Yes, I'm aware the fluff at the end is superfluous, and a lot of people would argue it's not quite canon. But I've been writing a lot of dark!Campbell, and that sweetness just heals my soul. Also, I believe Cam's father was just a working class man trying to understand the complexity of his son's illness - I don't think he was the enemy. Furthermore, in my headcanon, his being on the radio helped to him to corral his boundless energy and control his disease [along with regular visits to a psychiatrist and proper medication, of course]. It's win/win all around.
Author's warnings: "Chose not to use"; contains fairly mild temperature play (ice) and unprotected sex.

My comment: "It hasn't been all that hot here this week buuut... I'll be in my bunk."

“Please excuse the abbreviated attire,” he said, going into the freezer for some ice. “This weather’s a bitch.”
She tugged at the hem of her robe now, but it was too late, and it was too short. She wondered what he saw. A lot. But did he see everything?
“Only if you can excuse me,” she said. He twisted the plastic ice tray and the ice crackled deliciously. She took a cube and pressed it to the base of her neck. “I’ve been in my bed, naked and spread eagle, wishing for death.”
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Stark Talk interview with Donna Franceschild, approximately 30 minutes, on BBC iPlayer (works in the US; dunno about elsewhere)

She talks some about the original series in the first five or six minutes or so; between about 16:30-23:00+ she talks about her own experiences with being bipolar and how it relates to her creative experiences (only a very brief mention to how it had anything to do with the character of Campbell). At 26:38 Edi asks a question about what Donna's doing now:
Donna: Well, David Blair, who has directed almost everything that I've ever written--and we are very close--asked me if I wanted to come to lunch* and I knew it must be serious because David never buys anybody lunch. [laughs] Yeah, so he said, listen, you know, a lot of people had said to him over the years, you know, is there going to be a sequel to Takin' Over the Asylum, and then David said okay, I'll contact David Tennant and Ken Stott and see if they're interested. And within twenty-four hours he said yeah, yeah, Ken and David are both interested, so, you know, now you can work on it.

Edi: So this is an exclusive to this program, then?

Donna: It is an exclusive!

Edi: There will be a Takin' Over the Asylum Part 2?

Donna: If we can find someone who wants it, yes. It will be about what happened to Campbell and Eddie twenty-five years later, and it will be about redemption, and, um, a soul being saved.

I saw some replies to a tumblr post that made me afraid it might become a radio series only if it comes to fruition at all, but David Blair seems to be pretty much a TV director, so there's hope...

Random other bit, Donna quoting Scottish coworkers about herself: "Donna sounds like an American until she says 'Scotland' or 'Glasgow'" - heheh, it's mostly true. There's a few other words where I can hear more Scottish sounds too. Her speech is a curious mix overall.


* "Lunch, Eddie, LUNCH!"
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If you're into this show at all you've probably seen all these somewhere already, and this is probably duplicating [ profile] mizgnomer's roundup of promo photos, but meh. A few of these are quite large; click to embiggen.

Read more... )
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After a week I think we've got a respectable few posts built up in here, so I'm going to slide up the fader on the mixer and announce that we're now on the air. So welcome to our Open Day!

To start off, here's a handy roundup of the recs lists and things I've been posting (since I didn't post them in a tidy order). These are just my personal recs, not intended to be somehow official for the community nor attempting to be comprehensive catalogs of everything that's out there. That said, I certainly will continue to add to them as the mood strikes.

Picspams, screencaps, promo photos
Fic recs
Art and graphics recs
Meta and headcanons
Assorted links and other resources

And at the risk of tooting my own horn (party hat?), I'd like to pull out links to my transcript of the show and my work on a complete songlist. These are also subject to frequent editing and tweaking. (I welcome help with the songlist, especially as it pertains to the soundtrack differences between the original broadcast and the DVD release.)

And there you have it.

Fergus: We're gonna have to go without him.
(Campbell takes a nervous pull on his cigarette.)
Fergus: Ten... nine... eight... seven... six...
(Campbell stubs out his cigarette.)
Fergus: Two... one. You're on.
Campbell: That was "I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Come In", dedicated to all the medical staff here at Saint Jude's Hospital. They hear you knocking, but you cannae get out! And this is Campbell Bain with the first ever Campbell Bain's Looney Tunes Show!
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Live From the Inside: A Radio Show Run by Psychiatric Patients

This article is from four and a half years ago, so I don't know if Radio Colifata still exists (their website does, but I didn't look into it deeply), but I thought it was interesting. Apparently, unlike in TOtA, selections from the show are reused on radio outside the hospital.
As a young, idealistic psychology student, Olivera interned at El Borda in the early nineties. "I found a lot of my friends and family kept asking me what it was like in there," he explains. "I decided to let the patients tell them." He started a radio workshop.
Jose, a patient in his late forties, grabs a microphone. "Welcome to Radio Colifata!" His voice rings out like a ringmaster at the big-top. "Welcome to los internos (the interned) and los externos (the externed)," he bellows.
Inspired by Radio Colifata, I looked again into the possibility of a radio station broadcasting from an inpatient psychiatric facility. I found around fifty such stations based on the Radio Colifata model in Latin America and Europe, including Nikosia in Barcelona, Spain, Les Z'entonnoirs in Roubaix, France, and Radio Rete in Italy. I asked a few directors of facilities here in the United States, but they all reiterated that funding, confidentiality, and legality would make it virtually impossible.
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I know this kind of "X is love" thing is soooo old meme by now, but a couple of years ago I ran across a David Tennant one in someone's profile and thought to myself, self, I says, I should make one for mah darling Campbell. So I proceeded to waste some time at work doing that. Two versions, with and without rainbow colors overlaid )

Most of the images in that are repurposings from a giant passel of icons I've been working on for forever, starting out with something like 200 captures. No guarantees on when that might arrive, though.


May. 9th, 2017 11:02 pm
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(Originally posted to my personal journal in June 2016. Somewhat edited here.)

I had a dream late this morning, about 30m - an hour before getting up for work, that I was writing/had written (the dream jumped sometimes between process and holding the finished thing in my hands) a book about Takin' Over the Asylum. It was a 20th anniversary thing (whoops, brain, couple years late there) and of fairly large format, though not quite a "coffee table" book. The thing I remember most vividly was a b&w picture of David Tennant dressed as Campbell reviewing a script in between scenes, sitting on the floor in a doorway with his back against one side of the doorframe, knees bent and feet up on the opposite side, which totally sounds like something he'd do but I doubt such a photo exists. (Pleeeease someone draw the thing!)

The book was basically the whole shit-a-ree (as my dad would say) for anyone really interested in the show: an episode guide with color stills; archival photos; "where are they now" features about the actors (like anyone who'd be interested in this book in the first place needs assistance on where DT is now?); a side by side song list showing the differences between the two soundtrack versions; stuff about Gartloch Hospital (which played St Jude's); a "transcript", except in the dream it was not a script but rather somehow formatted like prose -- but OTOH I don't think it was actually prose narrative, like, it wasn't a short story/novelization or anything, more like run-together dialogue? idk, whatever that was, it was also written in something more like actual Scots dialect than the canon actually is. I distinctly remember the "grungy" typewriter font used for that part.

I said "jumped sometimes between process" above but several hours later the only bit of "process" I can remember was something about contacting David's agent to try to arrange an interview.

Now that I describe all that, I think my brain was modelling it on the 50th anniversary Doctor Who book we've got. Not that TOtA was anywhere near the hit it would need to have been to merit such a book being written; hell, to my knowledge there was never a North American DVD release, although I have a vague recollection of reading that it was broadcast in Canada way back in the day.
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(I originally posted this here on Tumblr in September 2016.)

(gif by [ profile] ohhyesdavidtennant-blog)

Something that’s always confused me about the opening of this episode is how Campbell and an assortment of the other patients we see seem to immediately understand the significance of “FERGUS IS WEARING A HELMET!” and go to just the right window just in time to see Fergus fly. How do they know what the hell Campbell is shouting about now, never mind what action to take on his signal? For that matter I’m not quite clear how Campbell knows.

See, I have the impression Fergus keeps pretty close about his escape plans, so I have a hard time picturing him being the vector for this information getting out. It’s possible that he told Campbell he was planning this, although Campbell’s mild surprise to see him abseiling down the side of the building in “Hey Jude” says to me that while Campbell is clearly used to the idea of Fergus’s repeated escapes, we can’t assume he is always (or necessarily even sometimes) privy to exact method and/or timing. But then, if Fergus did say something to Campbell, does that mean Campbell then ran about telling all the other patients? Kind of a dick move, innit, ‘cause If nothing else, information could get out to the staff that way? Or at least it’d be an un-thought-out move, which wouldn’t be out of character for Campbell I suppose, but still.

Maybe I should just repeat to myself, “It’s just a show; I should really just relax.”
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(I originally posted this on tumblr here in May 2016.)
[ profile] thatkliqkid: Cut for the block of images at the top of the post )
His dad’s so mean to him :-(

Not that it makes it right or means it hurts Campbell any less, but:

I’ve got to hope that his dad isn’t simply “being mean.” At the end of this scene he almost touches Campbell’s shoulder while his back is turned, but then awkwardly runs the hand through his own hair instead. I think he cares, but is at a loss for what to do. I think he doesn’t understand why Campbell acts the way he does and why he can’t simply choose to stop, and he’s afraid for Campbell, of the possibility that he might never be able to provide for himself. His own worldview says you just buckle down and get to work, never mind what you think you might want, and it seems like he doesn’t know how to express his thoughts and feelings other than in this rather gruff and harsh way with words (perhaps the way he was brought up himself).

One of the issues this show brings up is how lack of resources impacts quality of care, and I think we see one angle on that in this scene, not necessarily directly on Campbell but indirectly on his family. Campbell’s parents may not have the support, the emotional and possibly financial tools to be able to cope as well as we would wish with what’s going on in Campbell’s moods. Obviously another issue at play is the othering of “loonies” as something contaminated (and contaminating) or even subhuman; witness the way Campbell’s dad gets defensive about his wife being “not a loony” and the sense that on some level he blames Campbell for bringing this all upon them.

So, yeah. Don’t get me wrong; I definitely feel the urge to shield Campbell and tell his dad to piss right off. Thoughts and behaviors clearly need changing. But I do also think there’s things going on here besides “Geez, Campbell’s dad is a bastard.”


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